Third Latin American Gathering
of Facilitators ( TELF )

 Panamericano Hotel - S.C. de Bariloche - Argentina

March 31st. to april 4th., 2004

From March 3lst. to April 4th., in the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, was held the Third Latin American Gathering of Facilitators (TELF).
This meeting was the first ever held in Argentina. The Panamericano Hotel was the host of this event, among the participate were representatives of Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru just to mention some  countries.
Among the speakers was Dr. Martin Carnap of Germany, who exposed concepts, regarding to the "Negotiation and Handling of Conflicts" applying the Aikido method.

Dr. Carnap, adopt Aikido philosophy for his "Clinic", because is a martial art pacific and conciliatory, which remark the teaching of O Sensei.
Predicate the solving of conflicts through mutual respect and dialogue and avoid the physical confrontation.
To develop best this theory was specially invited Professor Mario Rios, Chief Instructor of Aiki Dojo Bariloche, Simbukan Argentina.  Professor Ríos perform a session with abdominal  breathing methods and body techniques with partners to demonstrate how to anticipate, confront or elude in Aikido an attack and avoid to block the energy of an attacker.