Our cuban friends

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Through our Web Site we have cultivated relation among practitioners as well teachers of Aikido.
With some of them we went more reply in our relation than e-mail interchange.
That is the case with our cuban friends from de Ariguanabo Dojo, of San Antonio de los Baños, La Habana. 
Rafael Benítez, one of the members, is responsable for this wonderful friendship that make us so happy.
We will continue this road for mutual benefit and joy.
Our warm regards to all of them
 and special greeting for Alfredo Sensei for the diffusion of Aikido in his country.

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Construction of the new Dojo has start and there is so far a great progress. This Dojo for its dimension will accomodate a large number of practitioners. We have an inmense joy knowing how much will help in the diffusion of this art in that country

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