Tsuchi No Ki Dojo
in the
Annual Party of the Sports
Epuyén - Chubut - República Agentina

On December 14th, 2003, was held  in the Municipal Gym of Epuyén, Chubut State, 
the Annual Party of the Sports. This event habitually gathering to all
 those practice this kind of activities in this community.
The  meeting  was honored with the  presence of the Major
 and all the other authorities of the local government, and also with the active forces.
This year was added up the Aikido, which was represented by some of the students of the 
89 School, José María Serrano,  of this beautiful valley.
Shimbukan Argentina take this opportunity to congratulate Sempai Daniel Pagnucco,
 in charge of the local  Aikido school, Tsuchi No Ki Dojo, for the task of expanding this activity in the area.