Our australian friends

Every year our dojos are visited for those that practice Aikido in their countries, 
and arrive to Argentina for different reasons ( Business - studies - tourism - etc ).
Among them is William Jarman, Shodan, from Australia, who lives in Melbourne, active member
of the Shudokan Dojo, member of Yoshinkan International Aikido Federation,
 and under the guide of Joe Thambu Sensei.
William  has in Melbourne a workshop dedicated to the diffusion and teaching of the Argentine Tango,
with his partner Brenda Scanlon. The place is named "Peninsula Tango" ( 03 5989 8705 ).
William and Brenda will receive with pleasure all those who want to know 
this  "argentine place" in Australia.
 During his last trip ( march, 2001 ) visited us accompanied by Cristian López, another practitioner, 
argentine living in Australia. We have together a beautiful time in Chusei Dojo and Olivos Dojo.
Our warm regards to all of them from Buenos Aires. 

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