Kazuo Chiba Sensei passed away

Kazuo Chiba Sensei,  8th dan, Birankai International,  has passed away at age 75, in june 5th., 2015.

He was born in February 5, 1940 near Tokyo, Japan.
At 14 years of age, he began serious Judo training at the International Judo Academy, and also the study of Shotokan karate at age of 16.

Finally started aikido in 1958 at age 18, being admitted at Hombu Dojo and becaming uchideshi (live-in disciple) of founder Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, for seven years.
He received his 3rd dan in 1960, and 5th dan in 1962,  before being dispatched to Great Britain in 1966.
In 1981 he moved to San Diego, CA, USA, on an invitation from the United States Aikido Federation and established the San Diego Aikikai.
He founded Birankai International in 2000 before retiring from aikido teaching in 2008 after 50 years in this martial art.

Our condolences go out to his family, friends and students.