1993 - 13 years - 2016
Aikido for Children at Shimbukan Argentina
November 24th. and 29th.,  2016 - Graduations and last class of the year

As always ... until the next year !!!!

At Olivos Dojo, Aikido for children classes have been given since 2003.
We meet 13 years of teaching and we are very happy.
As usual this classes are in charge of Professor Paola De Luca, Sandan, with remarkable experience in this area.

After a great year of practice for this school, our Annual Evaluation where set this past November 24th. The evaluation where in charge of Professor Ricardo Lopez, head of Shimbukan Argentina, and Professor Paola De Luca.
Diplomas where awarded on November 29th, during this year's last class. It was a great party to which all relatives where invited, sharing this nice moment which marked the culmination of a year's work for our little aikido experts.

As allways, this year's evaluations where very satisfactory. Here we present this year's graduates.
To them, our congratulations, and also to all who joined us during this school year.
We also thank the presence and collaboration of Instructors Daniel Pirali and Guillermo Nardi, as well as that of Ivo Beitia and Julian Yamamoto, kyus, all practitioners at Olivos Dojo.

14 New Graduated

Verónica Rafael Patricio
Maria Eugenia Renzo Olena
Rocco Fausto Tiago
Nicolás Nicolás Alessio
Juan Christian  

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