Aikido for Children at Shimbukan Argentina
November 24th. and 26th.,  2009
Graduations and last class of the year

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The Evaluation Classes for Graduations in Aikido for Children, corresponding to the year 2009, was imparted at the Olivos Dojo.
This classes was in charge of Professor Ricardo Lopez, Director Executive of Shimbukan Argentina, and Professor Paola De Luca, Children's Instructor of this Dojo.
The balance was very positive, as result the following students were graduated:
Esteban Blanco, Alex Daglaroglu, Damian Sanmiguel, Julian Yamamoto, Franco Leoncini, Julieta Scocco, Florencia Crosignani, Pablo Crosignani, Mariano Crosignani, Belen Rodriguez, Lautaro Rengel, Ignacio Mazal, Ignacio Klyver, Valentin Klyver and Facundo Giacomini.
Also received an special mention Santiago Hirsch.
To all of them our congratulations.

Some Pupils

Esteban Alex Damian Julian
Franco Julieta Florencia Pablo
Mariano Belen Lautaro Ignacio
Ignacio  Valentin Facundo Santiago

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