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Shimbu-kan Argentina
Olivos Dojo

1735 San Martin Ave. - Vicente López
( 200 meters of Maipu Ave. )
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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uesdays and Thursdays  -  5:30 to 6:30 pm

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Aikido in Children is beneficial for conditioning and development of the body which improve noticeably others activities.
The circular movements of Aikido techniques when are executed in conjunction generate a continuous positive energy.
This technology lead to better equilibrium helping the child to take control of his movements and impulse, bringing influence to his self.  Definitely improve his corporal conscience. 

His movements became more harmonics and his skill more according.
Consequently the corporal motion is more precise and lead to a feeling of security in his habitat .
The training group help to develop a concept about himself and formulate and reformulate values, presence and habits which will conduce to a productive social life.
Respect to each individual is a most, nevertheless to insert him in the group is important, he will feel a member of the clan.

This experience develops a sense of mutual cooperation, shares of duties and responsibilities necessaries in the near future.
Aikido is a non-competitive Martial Art, creating a climate of cooperation and cordiality among the practitioners establishing a mutual relation of respect and friendship.
In addition benefits to learn from the Japanese culture, the Origin of the Martial Art and above all the Founder’s history.

Aikido makes its contribution to help and adjust to Social Life. Aikido philosophy is an essence of harmony and equilibrium.  
Finally, we think that the training time to obtain the adequate benefits should be no more than 1 hours twice a week.

The Olivos Dojo, Aikido School,  is located  near to the neighborhoods of Saavedra, Nuñez and Belgrano (Capital Federal ) and districts of Florida, Munro, Vicente López, Olivos, Villa Adelina, La Lucila, Martinez, San Isidro, Acassuso, Beccar and Boulogne ( North Area of Great Buenos Aires ). 

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