S. C. de Bariloche - September 26th., 27th. and 28th., 2005

Winter's Seminar -  2005
Ricardo Lopez Sensei

Ricardo López
and Mario Rios
Some assistants with his professor and Ricardo López Sensei Mario Rios, Ricardo López
and Daniel Pagnucco
On September 26th., 27th. and 28th., of 2005,  Professor Ricardo Lopez  performs a new Winter's Seminar in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, with the collaboration of Professor Mario Rios, Sandan, head of that dojo. 
As before we note a large number of students, and, at this time, also the visit of  practitioners of
the Tsuki No Ki dojo,  in company of Sempai Daniel Pagnucco, of Epuyen, Chubut State, a small community located roughly 100 kilometers of Bariloche City.
At the end was realized evaluation tests for kyus.
Certainly it was an excellent encounter.