San Carlos de Bariloche - August 15th. and 16th., 2010

Ricardo Lopez Sensei - 5 Dan

A new Regional Seminar of our Organization in San Carlos de Bariloche  was  performed on October 15th. and 16th., 2010.

n the end an evaluation was proceed for the Students of this dojo. In this opportunity first students were graduated to the SHODAN degree. Both realised all his practice in this city and in this dojo. They are Juan Martin Govoni and Jorge Pinilla.
We celebrated with them this important profit.

The seminar had days of hard work in a frame of camaraderie and friendship.
We also remark the presence of Daniel Pagnucco,  in charge of the Tsuchi No Ki Dojo, of  Epuyen,  at the moment desactivated, and  Paola De Luca, Instructor at the Olivos Dojo of Buenos Aires, who traveled especially for the event.
Between the presents also were students of other schools of Aikido of the region.

Shimbukan Argentina
once again congratulate
the Professor Mario Rios for the dedication and remarkable achievements during these years.


R. Lopez Sensei and M. Rios Sensei

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