S. C. de Bariloche - December 10th., 11th. and 12th., 2004

Ricardo López Sensei

The traditional summer seminar of our Organization  in San Carlos de Bariloche, was  performed on  December l0th,11th and 12th. 
The ocassion was marked by the tenth  consecutive visit of Professor  Ricardo Lopez to the Aiki Dojo of Bariloche.
In this event, as the last year, was noticiable the presence of Students of Tsuchi No Ki Dojo from the  Epuyen Valley located 170 kilometers South of Bariloche City. 
Transportation was provided by the local goverment authorities of Epuyen which made possible theirs presence. 
In the end an evaluation was proceed for the Students of both Dojos
The seminar lasted 3 days of hard work in a frame of camaraderie and friendship.
Shimbukan Argentine congratulated the Instructors for the dedication and remarkable achievements during these years.

More pictures of this Seminar