Seminar in Brazil
Ribeirao Preto - Sao Paulo
Ricardo Lopez Sensei and other masters

August 18th. and 19th.,  2007

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An Aikido seminar dictated by our headmaster, professor Ricardo Lopez, , between others, took place these past August 18th. and 19th. of 2007 in Ribeirao Preto, an important city of Sao Paulo State, Brazil.
Amongst others, professors Breno de Oliviera, Ricardo Leite, Marcus Caires and Aguinaldo de Almeida's presentations were remarkable.
During both days of practice, a large number of participants took up the tatami, in the framework of remarkable camaraderie and friendship.
Shimbukan Argentina's instructors Martín Rodriguez, in this occasion professor López's uke, and Paola De Luca, who was also in charge of a seminar's segment, also travelled from Argentina to attend this seminar.
From this web page we send our best regards to Breno de Oliveira Sensei and our wish to meet again next year to enjoy together an new seminar.