Claude Berthiaume Sensei - 7 Dan
Buenos Aires, May 27th., 28th. and 29th., 2016

Like every year, on May 27th., 28th. and 29th., of 2016, Claude Berthiaume Sensei, 7 Dan USAF, Aikido of La Montagne, Canada, gave a seminar in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Once more we delighted by the style of this excellent master.

The chosen location was the "Telefonos de Buenos Aires" Club.
As on previous occasions Sensei Berthiaume also dictated a Iaido Seminar for practitioners of this discipline.

Professor Ricardo Corbal
( ASA ), also member of SANSUIKAI INTERNATIONAL, was in charge of this event's organization.
Shimbukan Argentina supported once more this important event with the presence of a group of their students.

Our gratitude for his teachings and appreciated presence among us.

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More pictures of the Seminar