Claude Berthiaume Sensei - 7 Dan
Buenos Aires, October 17th., 18th. and 19th.,  2008

After several years of absence we were able to enjoy Claude Berthiaume Sensei's presence, 7th Dan, USAF, Aikido of La Montagne, Canada, on an excellent seminar dictated this past October 17th, 18th and 19th on the city of Buenos Aires.
The chosen location was our C.E.N.A.R.D's wide installations (
a  National Centre for high performance athletes ). As on previous occasions Sensei Berthiaume also dictated a Iaido Seminar for practitioners of this discipline. Professor Ricardo Corbal, who's also is also responsible for the recently formed Asociacion Sudamericana de Aikido ( South American Aikido Association ), was in charge of this event's organization.
Our best wishes for professor Corbal on his new project.
Shimbukan Argentina supported once more this important event with the presence of their Director and a wide group of their students.

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