Buenos Aires - June 22th., 23rd. and 24th., 2018
Donovan Waite - 7 Dan

During June 22th., 23rd. and 24th., 2018,   Donovan Waite Sensei, 7 Dan Aikikai, Shihan,  Chief Instructor of Aikido Center City, Philapdelphia, USA, will visit  again Buenos Aires to impart a seminar, in this ocassion invited by Professor Ricardo Corbal.

It will be held at Telefonos de Buenos Aires Club, located on 1699 Madero Street, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
All the practitioners of Aikido, also of Iaido, are welcome to participate and be part of this  International Seminar.

Shimbukan Argentina
endorse this meeting and share with the practitioners of his Dojos, that can attend,  the teachings of this important figure of the actual Aikido.

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