Piracicaba - SP - Brazil
Ricardo Lopez Sensei, from Argentina - 5th. Dan
July 15th and 16th., 2011

The 15th and 16th of July of 2011 professor Ricardo Lopez, 5th degree black belt, director of Shimbukan Argentina, was present in the city of Piracicaba (SP), Brasil.
He was specially invited
to dictate a Seminar, and a special class of of Buki Waza, by professor Roney Rodrigues, chief instructor of CRA Aiki Kaizen Dojo, and also
technically responsible of this and other Dojos of the state of São Paulo.

Aiki Kaizen is now a new member of Sansuikai International, organization under the presidence of Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, direct student of the founder Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei.

A large number of students and instructors, from some Aikido Schools, not only from Piracicaba, were present to enjoy this event, coming from different cities of the state of São Paulo.

Among them we may cite Fabricio Sensei from Rio Claro, Walmir Sensei from Campos de Jordão, Simão Sensei from Ribeirão Preto, Alessandro Sensei from Ribeirão Preto, and Rosemberg Sensei from Americana, between others.
Roney Sensei, Luciano Sensei, André Sensei, Paulo Sensei, Rafael Sensei, Mauro Sensei, Leandro Sensei, among others, from Aiki Kaizen were also present at this event.

As in others opportunities there was harmony, joy and companionship, inside and outside the tatami.
Professor Ricardo Lopez is thankful one more again for all the attentions he received during his stay, and sends a big hug to all of those who were present at this event and he is willing to meet them again next year.

Roney Sensei, Ricardo Sensei and Luciano Sensei


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