Buenos Aires, November 10th. and 11th., 2007
Y. Yamada Sensei - 8º Dan Shihan
N. Tamura Sensei - 8º Dan Shihan

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Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei 8th Dan Shihan and Nabuyoshi Tamura Sensei 8th Dan Shihan, visited  Buenos Aires, with the purpose of dictate an International Seminar.
It was performed the 10th and 11th of November of 2007., at Centro Galicia de Buenos Aires, place selected for this important event, unique in our Country, having in consideration the hierarchy of the Visitors.

Let us remember, both masters belonged to the small group of students closer to the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei.  In this way they became O Sensei’s direct disciples.
Afterwards, some of this students spread through Europe, as Tamura Sensei, and the USA, as Yamada Sensei, to give away the precious treasure of O Sensei’s teachings. 
More the 900 hundred practitioners, Argentineans and Foreign, have enjoyed two days of intense training and practice.
Among the Foreigners, was notorious the presence of Teachers like: Ricardo Leite (Brazil)  Severino Sales (Brazil)  Edson Olea (Chile) and Nelson Requena (Venezuela)., We also must add the presence of Argentinean Teachers.
A delegation of Shimbukan Argentina, was as usual present, conducted by its Director, Ricardo R. Lopez Sensei, and some of Instructors and Students.

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