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Aikido was introduced to Brazil by Nakatami Sensei (Rio de Janeiro) and Kawai
Sensei (San Pablo). They created the foundation that allowed the growth of other important instructors in that country. One of those instructors is sensei Breno de Oliveira, present head of the Shimbukan Organization, an instructor for more than 35 years, and who, in the last 20 years, has dedicated himself intensely to the spread of aikido in Brazil, particularly in the state of San Pablo.

Shimbu-kan is also associated with Hombu Dojo ( Tokyo - Japan ), through Sansuikai International, which is headed by Shihan Yoshimistsu Yamada.
Breno de Oliveira Sensei - President

Shimbu-kan Brasil - Dojo

Sensei Ricardo López
visiting Shimbu-kan Brazil,
on may, 1999.

Breno Sensei, Nelson Sensei and Ricardo
Sensei at headquarters of  Shimbu-kan (BR)

Breno Sensei , Nelson Sensei , Ricardo Sensei

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