SPRING CAMP in Buenos Aires - Argentina
November 16th. to 21th., 2014
Claude Berthiaume Sensei, 7th. Dan - Donovan Waite Sensei, 7th. Dan
Peter Bernath Sensei, 7th. Dan


Since November 16th. to 21th., 2014, Claude Berthiaume Sensei, 7th. Dan, Donovan Waite Sensei, 7th. Dan, and Peter Bernath Sensei, 7th. Dan, performed his customary visit to the city of Buenos Aires, how they comes doing for long years.

This time his presence was made within the framework of the event called Spring Camp, which also featured the participation of others instructors invited.
These teachers had classes in charge during all the week.
Like last year was notorious the number of practitioners from abroad that were present in all of these classes.

The place chosen for the development of the Spring Camp was the "Telefonos de Buenos Aires" Club, located on 1699 Madero Street, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in which a special hall was prepared for this important event.

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