Ten Years
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-- Osae waza --
Katadori Ikkyo omote

August, 1998

With this month’s technique we reach our 10th year anniversary for our Technique of the Month section. During this time I’ve monthly developed a photo shooting sequence of an Aikido Technique. Thus, I’ve assembled a true Aikido reference manual for all our international community who has eagerly followed this section through these last ten years. A special, unrestricted compendium of 120 techniques which include around
 1.000 photos. Many of our visitors have printed these photos and

August, 2008

 preserved them as a reference manual.  As a way of honoring this work, I’ve performed once more our first technique ever made: Katadori Ikkyo Omote.  In this occasion, and as he did ten years ago, Julio Fontana, currently one of Shimbukan Argentina’s Instructor, is joining me once more to perform this technique.  Within this lines I would like to extend my thanks to all uke who each month have helped me perform these techniques.  I hope I can continue to perform them as I've done for the past ten years. I also would like to thank you for your interest on this section and web page, making it one of the most visited and consulted for our activity in the entire world

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Thanks to Julio Fontana as uke

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