( by Ricardo Lopez Sensei )

           Always I have a concern regarding the Aikido protocol and must of the time seems to me that nobody really pay any attention specially when visiting other Dojo belonging to the organization that we are active members.

           Every time that I read something concerning to the subject I extract those concepts that are revealing, adding furthermore my personal experience, consequently conform a guide of great value, specially to those belonging Shimbukan Argentina.

          We always recall our first day in Aikido a peculiar sensation arise entering in a new and unrecognisable world anxious to discover, along in our life in martial arts this sensation is always with us, when visiting others dojos, new teachers, new students that we do not have previous contact.

          The importance is that once you overcome this moment, you behave as long you are there, the proper manner will serve you as a introduction to fraternize with fellows students.

         We present ourselves, express our intention, our graduation, name of our teacher, if he is not well know the teacher of our teacher should be offer, clarifying the ascendant line.

          If we have a Shodan graduation or above will be proper if we show the Yudansha Passport validate by Hombu Dojo if happen that the teacher knows each other, the formally will be more simpler.  

          Once complete this formally, the first duty will be to observe and obey the rule, If we decide to practice and we are welcome it means implicit the acceptance of those codes, otherwise we should restrain of participate.

          We should not have to show a technique or methods to the dojo students unless the professor ask for without interference when we work as uke and not introduce nague to execute it in according to your pattern even if your technique is superior.

          Training humbly and leaving your ego somewhere else is essential to make friends and not opponents at the same time you are promoting pleasant attitude among the students.

          To follow the techniques of the teacher must be a most, even they are different you anyhow should carry it as much you can, eventually the professor will notice the differences, regarding to style which is compressible.

          The guest can only at a special request will show his prowess, it is  praiseworthy to emphasize the fulfilment of this norms otherwise the member of the host dojo will detect it, causing uneasiness as well a disrespect attitude toward them and their professor and above all a natural rejection.

          Finally I will mark again that the higher graduation of the visitor more care should demonstrate