Our videos in Youtube

Some Techniques by Ricardo Lopez Sensei
Aikido for Children at Olivos Dojo - video 1
Aikido for Children at Olivos Dojo - video 2
Jiju Waza by Ricardo Lopez Sensei at Aiki Dojo Bariloche
Last class of the year 2012 at Olivos Dojo
Each year Ricardo López Sensei says goodbye to his students
with a general Jiju Waza at the end of the class.
Videos of our friends in Youtube
Gary Payne visiting Shimbukan Argentina ( Jiju waza )
Our friends from Brasil (Piracicaba - Mogi das Cruzez - Ribeirão Preto)
visit Buenos Aires, and train at the Olivos Dojo
Special Seminar of Self-Defense
Ricardo Lopez Sensei, Director of Shimbukan
Pedro Rodriguez Arnillas Sensei, Director of
Takemusso Swat of Peru, Specialist in Private Security,
at Olivos Dojo